Top 8 Engagement Ring Trends Of 2023

After the delays seen in wedding ceremonies and lavish proposals due to covid, 2023 will see a resurgence in wedding fever. The biggest overarching engagement rings trends 2023 is the need for unique, personal rings. Here are the top 8 ways to achieve this.

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1. Sapphire Center Stone

The classic Blue Sapphire will be making its presence felt in 2023. As brides seek to express their personal style through their engagement ring, we’re seeing a shift away from the timeless diamond ring. And into more unique ideas that highlight the beautiful blue sapphire in all its different shades of blue. There has been a resurgence in demand for the “Princess Diana Engagement Ring” this beautiful blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds that is now worn by Princess Kate Middleton. Pairing a blue sapphire with diamonds in your engagement ring means that the diamonds can really bring out the blue in your sapphire. And lets face it a sapphire is all about its colour. View our guide on How To Buy A Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring for more information on sapphires. Or if blue isn’t your colour explore all fancy coloured sapphire 

2. Toi et Moi – Two Stone Rings

You might have seen this phrase floating around last year but in 2023 you are going to see it everywhere. Toi et Moi is French for “you and me”, having two stones side by side as your engagement ring is symbolic of your relationship with your partner. Made popular in the 1950’s when JFK proposed to Jackie Kennedy with one, it fell out of favour for a while but is once again making a splash in the celebrity world. Arianna Grande has a pear shaped diamond and pearl toi et moi engagement ring. Megan Fox has a diamond and emerald toi et moi engagement ring from Machine Gun Kelly and Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement ring was two diamonds side by side.

3. Five Stone Eternity Rings

Before the engagement ring marketing campaign of the late 1940s, the diamond eternity ring was originally given as a promise ring to a partner as a symbol of eternal love. The eternity ring would be worn next to the wedding ring after marriage. This trend seems to have come full circle with a modern take on the traditional eternity band. Five stone eternity rings are set to replace the center stone engagement ring for a lot of brides to be in 2023.  Either as the classic 5 round brilliant diamonds to oval diamonds and incorporating gemstones or coloured diamonds.

4. East To West Side Setting

This trend comes off the back of people wanting engagement rings that are more personalised and suited to their style. The east to west or side setting is a big engagement ring trend emerging in 2023. It is credited to the art deco movement of the 1920s but is being designed in a more minimalist way in 2023. The pros of this setting are making your diamond appear bigger as its spanning the width of the finger. This setting can also be more suited to sitting next to a wedding ring without having to be fitted.

5. Mixed Metals

The mixed metal engagement ring trend of 2023 sees designs combining different coloured metals into the one ring. White gold may be used for the claws of a diamond that has a yellow gold band in order for the diamond to shine on its own and not reflect any yellow from the metal. It can also be used as a design accent to make a ring more unique.

6. Elongated Fancy Cut Diamonds

One of the top 10 engagement ring trends of 2023 we are seeing, is a rise in the popularity of elongated diamond shapes like marquise cut, pear shape and emerald cut. Traditionally everyone thinks of a diamond as round but choosing a different shape that works better for your finger and your budget is a new trend. For the same carat weight, the elongated fancy cut diamonds appear bigger in size than a round diamond and they are also less expensive. They can also give the illusion of the fingers being longer. So basically if you chose a pear shape, emerald cut or marquise diamond you are getting more bang for your buck.

7. Hidden Halo

This trend sees a modern twist on the traditional halo. The diamonds face out underneath the centre stone rather than face up surrounding the centre stone. They can work with any stone shape and increase sparkle from the side view of the ring. There is also the benefit of being able to use gemstones that have significance to your partner without taking away from the main stone. Read our What is a hidden halo guide to see the different ways this can be designed

8. Mens Engagement Rings

Having grown in momentum in the last ten years with women starting to propose and as a sign of equality between the sexes. Also with the widespread legalisation of same-sex marriage the mens engagement ring has sawed in popularity. In countries such as Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Sweden both parties wear their engagement ring on the right hand and move them to the left after they are married. This represents the transition from engagement to marriage. Read more in our mens engagement ring guide.

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