If you have your heart set on using a blue sapphire in your engagement ring or want to create a custom piece of fine jewellery, you might not know there are many shades of blue to choose from.

This exquisite precious gemstone is a popular alternative engagement ring to the classic diamond ring and for obvious reasons. The Blue Sapphire made popular by Princess Diana is a classic choice. We’re confident we can craft you, the perfect custom blue sapphire ring at Waldemar Jewellers Sydney.

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Which Hue of Blue Sapphire should you choose?

Cornflower Blue is the gold standard of Blue Sapphires. A cornflower blue is a medium to light blue and was originally found in Kashmir but that source has since been exhausted. Ceylon Blue Sapphires are now the closest hue to the Cornflower Blue Kashmir sapphire and therefore are now the most sought after. The royal blue sapphire found in Madagascar and Thailand are also a popular choice. Which hue of blue ultimately comes down to personal preference, with the Australian Blue sapphire in a Twilight hue becoming increasingly popular.

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The traditional notion that gemstone jewellery is exclusively for women is long gone. Men are embracing the addition of sapphires in their custom sapphire wedding rings, sapphire engagement rings and sapphire signet rings. They can be used to express a unique and elevated personal style. The versatility of sapphire, available in a range of colours beyond the classic blue, allows for men to add a personalised touch to their custom jewellery.

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Ceylon Sapphires

Sri Lanka formally known as Ceylon is one of the largest sources of sapphire to the global market. With over 300 mid-scale gemstone suppliers and lapidaries serving the growing demand for the Sri Lankan gemstones. Sapphires from Sri Lanka are found in various colours and sizes. The Ceylon Blue Sapphire is the most sort after however, known for having a vibrant medium blue hue. They are some of the highest quality blue sapphire that you can find today. Historically, the most valuable corundum is found in Sri Lanka, which is the padparadscha sapphire. It features a delicate combination of pink and orange, a hue in between a ruby and yellow sapphire, resembling the tips of lotus flower at the dawn. The name derives from the Sanskrit term padmaraga for lotus blossom. Ceylon sapphires also come in various colours and shades including yellow and gold sapphires, blue, white, green, and lavender sapphires. There are also pink sapphires that are known as hot pink sapphires.

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Australian Sapphire

The first sapphire found in Australia was extracted by gold miners on the Cudgegong and Macquarie rivers in New South Wales in 1851. In the last 20 years Australia has become a major processor of Blue Sapphire to the world market, with mines mainly found in NSW and QLD. Because of the higher iron content in the Australian land, the Blue Australian Sapphire is a very different hue to the ones found in places like Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The majority of Australian blue sapphires tend to be on the dark blue hue of the spectrum, with some even appearing to be almost black. These sapphires have become very popular in recent years due to there unique hue.

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Kashmir Sapphire

The most famous sapphires come from Kashmir a region of India. This blue sapphire is named after the region, the Kashmir Sapphire. They are considered one of the most sought after gemstones in the world, they are so rare they are hardly ever seen. The Kashmir Sapphire is considered to be a near perfect specimen of a sapphire. They have a superior cornflower blue tint with a sleepy quality to them. Most describe them as blue velvet, they are also considered the king of the sapphire world. Newly discovered Kashmir Sapphires are very rare after over 100 years mining this precious gemstone.

Blue Sapphires from Madagascar, Thailand & Burma

Madagascar Blue Sapphire: The first deposits of sapphires were found in Madagascar in 1998, it created a sensation in the gem world. And a gemstone fever in Madagascar reminiscent of the gold rush in California in 1849. The country has sapphire deposits in both the north and south regions. The two regions are geologically distinct. Sapphire deposits in the north result from alluvia deposits of weathered basaltic rocks, while those in the south are of metamorphic origin. Many of the blue sapphires from the north have a green secondary hue, while those from the south tend to be pure blue. Even though Madagascar is most famous for blue sapphire, many different colours have been found. Including pink, yellow, green, and padparadscha.

Thailand Blue Sapphire: Thailand has their own sapphire, called Kanchanaburi sapphire. They are known for their beautiful, rich twilight blues. Expert cutting is absolutely critical for Kanchanaburi sapphire and it is finished eye-clean, the highest quality clarity grade for coloured gemstones as determined by the world’s leading gemological laboratories, with a superior polish that results in a beautiful lustre. Kanchanaburi sapphires share the problem of zoning similar to Sri Lankan sapphires. Thailand has also become famous for sapphires and is responsible for nearly 80% of the world’s trade of precious gemstones. Today, this industry in Thailand plays a huge part in the country’s economy.

Burma Blue Sapphire: Myanmar previously known as Burma, has a spot in the markets for the illustrious hues and shimmering clarity of their sapphire. The gemstone holds an elite ground on the count of its enrapturing aesthetics. Sourced from Mogok which Is the most legendary gemstone source in Myanmar. This is an extremely valuable stone with limited sourcing. The sapphires show a wide range of blue colour intensities but very consistent inclusions of scenes.


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At Waldemar Jewellers Sydney, we are wholly committed to crafting an alternative ring to your traditional engagement ring. Our team of
artisan Custom Engagement Ring specialists, place the greatest value on bringing your unique vision to life. Using only the most exquisite
Ceylon Sapphires and Australian Sapphires.

The 4 C's of Blue Sapphires

At Waldemar Jewellers, our proficiency in determining the quality of jewels and gemstones is one of the reasons we have earned the reputation of being Sydney’s best jeweller. When assessing the quality of sapphire, we follow the four C’s; cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

Cut: The cutter must consider the rough depth of colour, durability and inclusions when making cutting decisions. Mistakes cause the inclusions to be highlighted or the vividness of colour to lessen.

Colour: The most desirable blue sapphire colour is velvety blue to violetish blue, in medium to medium dark tones. The colour should be a strong vivid saturation of blue. 

Clarity: Blue Sapphires typically contain inclusions that are visible to the unaided eye. In some sapphires, the intersecting inclusion creates a type of sapphire called the star sapphire. If the inclusions threaten the structural integrity of the gemstone the value of the sapphire decreases. Sapphire clarity uses a grading system with AAA being the highest clarity. These are the top 5% of sapphires on the market. 

Carat Weight & Size: Most commercial quality Blue Sapphires weight less than 5 carats but sapphire can range in size from a few pts to 100s of carats.

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