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Aquamarine Rings Sydney

Designing Your Aquamarine Gemstone Engagement Ring

Designing your aquamarine gemstone engagement ring is a delightful journey of personalisation and elegance. At Waldemar Jewellers, we offer a range of options to create your dream ring. Start by selecting the perfect aquamarine, known for its serene blue hue and symbolic of tranquillity and eternal youth. Choose a setting that complements its beauty, from classic solitaire to intricate halo designs. Consider accent stones like diamonds or sapphires for added brilliance. Our skilled artisans will craft your ring with precision and passion, ensuring it becomes a cherished symbol of your love story. Dive into the enchanting world of aquamarine engagement rings at Waldemar Jewellers today.


Mark did the most incredible job with my engagement ring. The design and craftsmanship is second to none. We were so happy with the ring that we got him to design and create our wedding rings, which were equally stunning. Couldn't recommend him highly enough.

Mark and his team were very helpful and understanding but more importantly, delivered fantastic engagement and wedding rings for us. His eye for detail is second to none and providing a digital computer design proof prior to production was a winner for me, as I knew exactly what I was getting. It's hard to see any difference between the digital proof and the actual engagement ring!
Mark also made the process of selecting the Diamond for the engagement ring very transparent. Proud to recommend Waldemar Jewellers to anyone considering custom made jewellery such as engagement rings and wedding bands.


Perfect service and perfect result. Mark really is a MASTER at understanding what you want in a ring and exceeding your expectations on delivery. A refreshing, unpretentious and friendly approach to jewellery. I spent days and days visiting jewellers all over Sydney and Mark was by far the best in terms of service, cost and now finished product. You won’t be disappointed! The results are fantastic.



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What is an aquamarine engagement ring?

An aquamarine engagement ring features a captivating aquamarine gemstone known for its serene blue hues. Some aquamarines, particularly those with a Santa Maria blue colour, exhibit deep, vibrant shades reminiscent of clear waters. This unique colour adds a touch of exclusivity and allure to the ring, making it a special choice for engagements.

Are aquamarine engagement rings expensive?

Aquamarine engagement rings can vary in price depending on factors like the quality, size, and cut of the gemstone, as well as the metal setting. Generally, aquamarines are more affordable than diamonds, making them an attractive option for couples looking for a beautiful and budget-friendly engagement ring.

Are aquamarines good for an engagement ring?

Aquamarines can be a beautiful choice for an engagement ring, offering a serene blue hue symbolising tranquillity. However, their relative softness compared to diamonds may require careful consideration of lifestyle factors. Couples with active lifestyles or who work with their hands extensively may want to consider a more durable gemstone option for long-term wear.

What is the best cut for an aquamarine engagement ring?

The best cut for an aquamarine engagement ring depends on personal preferences and the gem's characteristics. Popular cuts include emerald, oval, and cushion, enhancing the stone's natural beauty and colour. Waldemar Jewellers' skilled artisans can help choose the ideal cut to maximise the aquamarine's brilliance and elegance.

Are aquamarine engagement rings popular?

Aquamarine engagement rings have gained popularity for their unique beauty and serene blue hues. They offer a refreshing alternative to traditional diamond rings, appealing to couples seeking distinctive and meaningful designs. At Waldemar Jewellers, custom options and expert craftsmanship ensure each aquamarine ring is a timeless and cherished choice.

What does an aquamarine engagement ring mean?

An aquamarine engagement ring symbolises serenity, clarity, and eternal love. Its serene blue hues evoke the calming essence of ocean waters, representing a harmonious and peaceful union between two souls. This gemstone's meaning adds a unique and meaningful touch to the engagement ring, making it a cherished symbol of lifelong commitment.

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