round Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings

Round cut diamond engagement rings epitomise timeless elegance and sophistication. Their classic shape exudes brilliance and versatility, making them a popular choice for discerning couples worldwide. Renowned for their exceptional sparkle and enduring beauty, round cut diamonds symbolise eternal love and commitment, creating cherished memories for a lifetime.

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At Waldemar Jewellers, our expertise shines through in the creation of exquisite round brilliant cut engagement rings in Sydney. If you have distinctive ideas for a truly unique engagement ring, we are eager to collaborate with you and transform your vision into a reality. As specialists in round brilliant cut engagement rings, we bring extensive experience to the design and meticulous crafting of each one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Our custom engagement rings are carefully fashioned for those special moments, serving as the perfect representation of your love and commitment. With a dedicated focus on quality, we specialize in curating the finest diamonds to ensure that your round brilliant cut engagement ring becomes a dazzling and enduring expression of your individual style.


What is a round cut diamond? 

A round diamond is a classic circular shape. It has 58 facets in the cut and has a length-to-width ratio of 1-1.03. It reflects the most light out of all the diamond cuts. To learn more about the 4 C’s of Diamonds visit our learn center.

Are round diamonds more expensive?

Yes in general a round diamond is more expensive than all the other cuts. This is due to the fact that to achieve this shape, requires cutting away the most stone from a rough diamond. The waste of this shape is about 60%. It is also the most popular stone to have in an engagement ring setting and makes up two-thirds of all diamonds sold worldwide.

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cushion v round Diamond Shapes

Round Cut or Cushion Cut Diamonds?

The modern round brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets, which rises to 58 facets if it is included in the bottom cutlet. The cushion cut diamond also features 58 facets. But the cushion cuts are slightly larger so aren’t as sparkly. 

Because of the larger facet cuts of a cushion cut diamond they can appear larger in size for the same carat weight as a round cut. But they don’t have the same brilliance.

Each ring has its own uniqueness and can be easily recognised. Both can look fantastic in a ring especially if you choose them for an engagement ring.


Why Choose a Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring?

Round diamond engagement rings are the most popular diamond shape. In fact, they make up approximately 75% of all diamonds sold, and about 60% of all engagement rings. The beauty of round brilliant cut diamonds are exceptional, they are cut with 58 facets that all reflect light, making them the most sparkly. For over 100 years, diamond cutters have been perfecting the process for cutting round diamonds. Because of its classic design they are very versatile cut and can be used for all types of settings. They also work well with 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold and 18k rose gold.

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A little History on Round Cut Engagement Rings

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most well-known and popular shape of diamond cut. It was first created In the 17th century but it wasn’t until 100 years ago that the cut started to come into its own. The first diamond cut in the brilliant round cut was seen in the 1700s. Diamond cutting started to gain popularity at this time as technology began to catch up with the jewellery industry.

Other popular diamond cuts

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three stone asscher cut diamond engagement ring
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rose gold pear shaped halo engagement ring
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Oval Shaped Engagement Ring 2 1
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princess cut twisted band engagement ring
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Mark is a great guy with a passion for making great quality pieces, he is great to get along with and has an experienced eye for detail that I really appreciated when I was designing my ring. Highly recommend. Fantastic service and very happy with the end piece.

Sam Breugem

Waldemar are the real deal! I couldn’t be happier with my engagement ring and get so many compliments on it. Mark is patient and gives great honest guidance, whilst also coming up with creative ideas. He has an awesome diverse selection of stones that enable you to get something really unique. Mark is also very genuine and lovely!
100% recommend

Flora Grant

Mark was very helpful throughout the entire process especially when we needed to resize our ring! His explanations about diamonds were informative and his craftsmanship was amazing for a very affordable price.
100% would recommend. My fiance is in love with her ring.

George Mikhail