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Heart-shaped stones embody romance and passion, with their distinctive silhouette and symbolic significance. These whimsical gems are a unique choice for engagement rings, representing love and devotion in its purest form. Perfect for those seeking a meaningful and unconventional symbol of their everlasting commitment and affection.

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As award-winning jewellers specialising in heart shape engagement rings in Sydney, we’re excited to assist you in designing your own custom heart shape engagement ring. Our expertise lies in crafting unique pieces tailored precisely to your specifications and personal preferences. Whether you have a clear vision in mind or seek guidance on the latest trends or classic styles, we’re here to offer our expert assistance.

Take advantage of a complimentary one-on-one consultation at our showroom, conveniently located in The Dymocks Building Jewellers in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. During this session, a seasoned specialist from our team of Custom Engagement Rings Sydney experts will guide you through various specifications, styles, and options for diamonds or gemstones. We ensure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision before finalising your choice for the perfect heart shape engagement ring.


What is an heart cut diamond? 

Heart-cut diamonds are made up of between 56 and 58 facets. The heart-cut diamond often features “French tips” on the pointed end that helps to magnify shine and brilliance. The heart diamonds cutting process begins with a pear-cut diamond, which is then further elaborated into a heart shape by cutting the cleft and rounding out the sides. Because of their complex shape, heart-cut diamonds of 0.5 carats or larger tend to look the best. The heart-cut is also considered a modified brilliant-cut shape and is popular for both engagement ring settings and solitaire pendants.

Do heart cut diamonds look larger than other types?

Heart cut diamonds do tend to look bigger than standard cut diamonds. The reason is they exhibit edge-to-edge brightness. While the darker middle section and outer edges of many standard cut diamonds make them seem smaller, especially when the diamonds are viewed from a distance.

gold heart shaped ring
heart shaped v round cut diamonds

Heart Cut or Round Cut Diamonds?

The modern round brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets, which rises to 58 facets if it is included in the bottom cutlet. The heart diamond cut also features 58 facets. The factor that dictates whether a round brilliant cut diamond will exhibit a heart diamond cut is a combination of proportions and optical precision.

Optical precision is the consistency of facet shape, and size. But it also requires extreme precision with regards to the alignment of the facets, as they are indexed, or polished upon the surface of the diamond.

Each ring has its own uniqueness and can be easily recognised. Both can look fantastic in a ring especially if you choose them for an engagement ring

Why Choose a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring

The heart diamond cut is a timeless symbol of love, they are a unique and special alternative to the more common diamond cuts. The way the heart diamond is cut makes it harder to distinguish the colour of the diamond. Meaning that you don’t have to choose a flawless colour grade. Heart diamond cuts are used in a variety of jewellery pieces, from pendants to bracelets and more. However, they are the most used as a centre stone in a diamond engagement ring. Most heart diamond cut engagement rings are relatively simple in design: streamlined styles emphasise the special silhouette of the diamond’s shape. Which offers plenty of drama on its own. Many celebrities have been given a heart shaped diamond engagement ring including Lady Gaga.

heart diamond with split shank band

A little History of Heart Cut Engagement Rings

The heart diamond cut was created in 1463. During private exchanges between the duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza, and the Duke’s confidante Nicodemo a heart-shaped diamond was discussed. Heart cut diamonds were also mentioned in royal courts by 1562, it seems that Mary Queen of Scots sent England’s Queen Elizabeth I a heart-shaped diamond ring. This gesture has gone down in history as one of the most ardent symbols of friendship and goodwill between royals ever recorded. This diamond cut is associated with symbols of love and admiration.

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