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Men’s Wedding Rings

Designing Your Mens Wedding Ring

We specialise in crafting exceptional custom men's wedding rings in Sydney, symbolising enduring love and commitment. Our experienced artisans collaborate closely with you to realise your vision, whether it's a timeless design or a contemporary masterpiece. Every aspect, from selecting premium metals to choosing exquisite diamonds or gemstones, is meticulously executed to create a ring that reflects your unique style and story. With our unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, your bespoke wedding ring from Waldemar Jewellers will be a treasured symbol of your bond for years to come. Visit us in Sydney CBD today, and let our friendly team help you design the wedding ring you've always dreamed of.


My partner wanted an infinity ring to go along with her engagement ring. Mark patiently helped designing the ring and recommended a better design than what we originally had in mind. We both were very happy with the result. This is the 2nd ring that Mark made for her. Highly recommended. Go see Mark.


Mark custom designed our wedding rings based on our existing engagement rings. He was extremely attentive and patient, made us feel totally welcome even though we walked in without an appointment. He designed the rings while we were there, showing us many different options and really listening to us. The rings are so perfect and we couldn't be happier with them. Thank you so much Mark. Wouldn't recommend anyone else.


I went to over 6 jewellers to discuss a custom wedding ring to fit my Diana style emerald engagement ring with every jeweller suggesting the same bulky diamond encrusted style. Then I met Callum and Mark. They instantly understood my want to compliment my beautiful emerald and designed a unique clip ring that fits in perfectly. Their attention to detail is superb! They searched endlessly for complimentary coloured Emeralds and set them into a stunning razor angle to ensure their maximum impact with minimal bulk. I trust the team at Waldemar and highly recommend them!!



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How long does it take to make a custom wedding ring?

Crafting an custom mens wedding ring typically takes around 4-5 weeks, though this can vary based on design intricacy. We recommend coming in at least 3 months before the wedding to allow for any changes you may want to make or engraving required etc. Men's plain wedding bands generally take less time. If you have a shorter deadline give us a call to make sure that we can complete the rings in time for your big day. 

What is the difference between Platinum and 18k White Gold?

Platinum is denser and heavier than 18k White Gold, providing a substantial feel on the finger. While Platinum was traditionally more expensive, advancements in jewellery technology have made its price comparable to 18k White Gold. Platinum is a naturally white metal in contrast, 18k White Gold is a blend of gold and other metals, with a similar appearance but requiring periodic rhodium plating to retain its colour.

Can I use stones in my wedding ring?

Absolutely! At Waldemar Jewellers, we offer a range of options for incorporating stones into men's wedding rings. Whether you prefer diamonds, gemstones, or a combination, we can create a unique and personalised ring that reflects your style or matches your partner's ring.

How do you wear a wedding ring?

Men typically wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand, symbolising their commitment and bond in marriage. It is traditionally worn alone or stacked with an engagement ring, if applicable, following the same placement guidelines as women's rings.

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