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A yellow diamond is a unique alternative engagement ring to the traditional diamond ring. For those looking for a statement cocktail ring or an engagement ring that not a white diamond, we’re confident we can craft you, the perfect custom yellow diamond ring at Waldemar Jewellers Sydney.

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As an award-winning jeweller in Sydney, we excel in crafting bespoke jewellery featuring exquisite yellow diamonds. Every piece is a unique creation, meticulously designed to match your specific preferences and requirements. Whether you have a distinct vision in mind or require guidance on the latest trends or timeless designs, our one-on-one consultations at our showroom in The Dymocks Building, Sydney’s CBD, are complimentary. During this consultation, our expert jewellery designers will walk you through various specifications, styles, and options related to yellow diamonds, ensuring you’re fully informed before making your ultimate jewellery choice.

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Why Choose a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring?

Yellow diamonds are also known as Canary Yellow Diamonds or simply Canary diamonds, they are the most common form of coloured diamonds. The yellow diamond has gained popularity because of its beautiful shine and its affordable prices. They are also considered the most popular colour diamond. This diamond is suitable if you are looking for an engagement ring that is colourful. Not only it is rare and unique, but they are also very symbolic and worn within engagement rings. Mean the beginning or the continuation of a long and happy relationship

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Yellow Diamond Pendant Necklace

The warm hue of yellow diamonds shines like a summer day, these sparkling sunny gems are rare and undeniably beautiful. Wearing it as a necklace would make its wearer shines and boost their confidence.

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Yellow Diamond Earrings

When it comes to earrings they can be worn either with long hair or short hair, high neck or low necks and still look stunning. The natural beauty of the diamond can be turned into any jewellery piece and still look stunning.

The Popularity of Yellow Diamonds

Coloured diamonds are highly sought after to their beautiful, rich colors and rarity in nature. Some colors are rare than the others. Including the yellow diamonds along with brown diamonds, they are still very rare but have a relatively low price. However, due to its striking colour, they are high in demands among the coloured diamonds. yellow diamonds get their colour from the element nitrogen, which absorbs blue light in the diamond and reflects a stunning yellow colour. The most popular and sought after are Canary Yellow diamonds., a common term to describe pure fancy yellow diamonds.

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Celebrities Wearing Yellow Diamonds

The bright and shiny colour of yellow diamonds is bright enough to attract celebrities and artists to wear them, there are many famous celebrities who rocked this diamond by wearing them. Some of them are Jennifer Lopez, who spent around $2.8 Million just to make a custom yellow diamond ring. Kelly Clarkson got proposed to by Brandon Blackstock with $150,000 flawless yellow diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. Lastly, the famous rapper Nicki Minaj with her incredible yellow diamond last summer.

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