Our ultimate guide on the most popular Wedding Anniversary Gifts for your Wife or Husband (With examples)

Each wedding anniversary year has a traditional and modern gift, along side a specific flower, colour and gemstone. So you have lots of gift ideas for when your anniversary rolls around every year. We are going to focus on the bigger milestones that are also symbolised by the precious gemstones we specialise in at Waldemar Jewellery in Sydney CBD. So if you are looking for anniversary gift ideas, we can custom design a piece of fine jewellery for your wife or husband that incorporates the gemstone that symbolises your wedding anniversary year. Jewellery such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, can make a thoughtful and sentimental gift for a wedding anniversary.

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pearl wedding anniversary

Pearl Wedding Anniversaries;

  • 3rd Wedding Anniversary
  • 12th Wedding Anniversary
  • 30th Wedding Anniversary

The Pearl Anniversary is the 30th Wedding Anniversary. But Pearls are also the symbol for the 3rd and 12th wedding anniversary. Technically Pearls are considered a gemstone but are the only gemstone that doesn’t come from the earth but is created by a living organism. Pearls require no cutting or polishing so you must source the perfect size for your design. The most valuable pearls are those closest to being perfectly round and generally the larger the pearl the more valuable it is. Pearls can range in colour from rose to black. The lustre of a Pearl is very important, your pearl should be bright and you should be able to see your reflection in it. At Waldemar Jewellers Sydney we source the very best South Sea Pearls for your anniversary jewellery. South Sea Pearls are the most sort after cultivated pearls in the world and are grown in the water of Australia.

Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

sapphire wedding anniversary

Sapphire Wedding Anniversaries;

  • 7th Wedding Anniversary
  • 10th Wedding Anniversary
  • 45th Wedding Anniversary
  • 70th Wedding Anniversary

Sapphires are a popular anniversary gift for her and come in every colour of the rainbow. The 7th wedding anniversary is specifically for the yellow sapphires and the 10th for Blue sapphires. Another popular choice Sapphire Wedding Anniversaries are the padparadscha which is the rarest and most expensive sapphire, it is a pinky-orange hue. Pink, purple and green sapphires are also great options for other sapphire wedding anniversaries gifts wife if she doesn’t want a blue sapphire.

Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

diamond wedding anniversary

Diamond Wedding Anniversaries;

  • 10th Wedding Anniversary
  • 20th Wedding Anniversary
  • 60th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary
  • 75th Anniversary

A diamond is the modern symbol of the 10th wedding anniversary. Because it is such a strong stone it represents the strength and eternal love of a 10 year marriage. A yellow diamond is a symbol of the 20th wedding anniversary, many people renew their vows with a yellow diamond ring. Eternity rings, diamond stud earrings and tennis bracelets are all popular diamond anniversary gifts.

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

ruby wedding anniversary

Ruby Wedding Anniversaries;

  • 15th Wedding Anniversary
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary
  • 80th Ruby Jubilee Anniversary

The 40th wedding anniversary is known as the Ruby Anniversary. The traditional colour of the 15th anniversary is Ruby red which is why many people create anniversary jewellery featuring the ruby gemstone. Rubies symbolises love and passion and is the perfect wedding anniversary gift for a wife or husband.

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

emerald wedding anniversary

Emerald Wedding Anniversaries:

  • 20th Wedding Anniversary
  • 35th Wedding Anniversary
  • 55th Wedding Anniversary

The emerald wedding anniversary is the 55th anniversary. It is traditionally celebrated by giving a gift of an emerald gemstone, which is said to symbolize love and long-lasting relationships. The colour green is also associated with the emerald, which represents growth and renewal. Emerald Green is the colour of the 20th wedding anniversary so a lot of couple gift each other an emerald gemstone piece of jewellery.

Emerald Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

Gold Wedding anniversary

Gold Wedding Anniversaries;

  • 1st Wedding Anniversary
  • 50th Wedding Anniversary

The modern gift for the 1st wedding anniversary is gold jewellery. This is meant to symbolise the precious bond created in the 1st year of marriage. The 50th wedding anniversary is known as the Golden Wedding Anniversary with the traditional gift being yellow gold fine jewellery for her.

Gold Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

other wedding anniversary gift ideas

Waldemar Jewellers specialises in Natural Diamonds and Precious Gemstones. Having said that we can custom create any type of gemstone jewellery that symbolises your specific anniversary

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Pink Tourmaline Pendant Necklace

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Peridot and Diamond Drop Earrings

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Red Spinel Diamond Halo Pendant Necklace

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