Mens Engagement Rings Guide

Our ultimate guide on the trending designs of Mens Engagement Rings or “Mangement Rings”

Men’s engagement rings didn’t become a trend until the early 2000s. Even men wearing wedding rings wasn’t commonplace until the 1940s and 1950s. The trend started in the UK when a jeweller designed a titanium ring with a single diamond and started to market it to the masses as a men’s engagement ring. Now with celebrities like Johnny Depp and Michael Buble sporting men’s engagement rings the trend is catching on.

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As an acclaimed Sydney jeweller, we have a specialty in crafting distinctive men’s engagement rings. Each piece is a bespoke creation, meticulously designed to align with your specific desires and requirements. Whether you have a clear vision or seek guidance on the latest trends or classic designs, we offer complimentary one-on-one consultations at our conveniently situated showroom in The Dymocks Building, Sydney’s CBD. During this consultation, our skilled jewellery designers will delve into diverse specifications, styles, and options for men’s engagement rings, guaranteeing that you are thoroughly informed before making your ultimate men’s engagement ring selection.

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Why Wear a mens engagement ring

The meaning of a men’s engagement ring is no different to one for women, it is symbolic of the commitment the couple has for each other. It has grown in momentum in the last ten years as a sign of equality between the sexes, women have started to propose. And also the widespread legalisation of same-sex marriage. In countries such as Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Sweden both parties wear their engagement ring on the right hand and move them to the left after they are married. This represents the transition from engagement to marriage.

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SIGNET Engagement Rings

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In the past, men’s wedding rings were used as standard without many different options outside of metal options. Nowadays, men’s engagement rings are more customisable than ever. For example, signet rings are really popular as there is room for engraving.

Mens sapphire rings

The mens blue sapphire ring is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you wear it as a mens engagement ring, classic signet ring or a pinky ring. This is a trend that is on the rise. A blue sapphire is a great alternative to a diamond as a mens ring that is worn every day. Because the sapphire rates a 9 on the mohs hardness scale, just below a diamond that is a 10.  

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Male Celebrities wearing engagement rings

Michael Buble’s wife is from Argentina so he has embraced their cultural tradition of wearing an engagement ring. Ed Sheeran began wearing an engagement ring as his now wife Cherry hand-crafted one for him herself. Brooklyn Beckham also sports an emerald cut diamond eternity band as his engagement ring. Johnny Depp famously started wearing a diamond halo engagement ring that was too big for his fiance. Marc Jacob proposed to his partner

Popular designs

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Which Metal to choose

There are many selections available for the metal types. However, these are the top three to choose;


Platinum is one of the most popular metals used in rings. However, knowing the fact that is one of the rarest elements found in the earth’s crust, making them hard to find and appear to tend to be a little bit pricey. Platinum is really popular due to their durability, they are also sophisticated and hypoallergenic, it never causes rash or other skin irritation.

Yellow Gold

They are considered a classic material for ring, it gives off a soft and pleasant glow which is noticeable but understated. It is a pure alloy of gold, copper and silver, and has a golden bright colour. Making It one of the most popular choices

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a mix of gold and copper with usually a dash of silver. Its popularity is growing amongst couples, and it combines well with diamonds.

White Gold

White gold is 75% gold mixed with nickel or zinc. It is great for everyday wear and works especially well if you are considering diamonds in your engagement ring because it doesn’t reflect colour into the diamond.