oval Shape Engagement Rings

Oval shape stones epitomise timeless beauty with their elongated silhouette and brilliant sparkle. Known for their versatility and flattering appearance, these gems offer a perfect blend of classic sophistication and modern allure. Popular for engagement rings, they symbolise eternal love and timeless elegance, making them a cherished choice for couples.

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As acclaimed jewellers specialising in handmade oval engagement rings in Sydney, we’re delighted to assist you in crafting your own custom oval shape engagement ring. Our expertise lies in creating one-of-a-kind pieces tailored precisely to your specifications and personal preferences. Whether you have a clear vision in mind or seek guidance on the latest trends or timeless styles, we’re here to offer our expertise.

Take advantage of a complimentary one-on-one consultation at our showroom, conveniently situated in The Dymocks Building Jewellers in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. During this session, a seasoned specialist from our team of Custom Engagement Rings Sydney experts will guide you through various specifications, styles, and options for diamonds or gemstones. We ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision before finalising your choice for the perfect oval shape engagement ring.


What is an oval cut diamond? 

Oval diamond cuts are essentially elongated versions of the round brilliant cut, yet their allure extends far beyond mere geometry. Possessing the brilliance reminiscent of round diamonds, oval cuts boast a distinctive and unique shape. This trendy and fashionable diamond cut has the ability to create an appearance of greater size compared to a round diamond. Despite being a relatively recent innovation, emerging in the mid-1900s, the oval cut has swiftly become an enduring and cherished style. Its design is symbolic of enduring relationships, offering a plausible explanation for the widespread popularity of oval cut diamond rings.

Do oval cut diamonds look larger than other types?

Because of the elongated surface area, oval cut diamonds appear larger than round brilliant cuts of the same carat weight. Even when comparing a round and oval diamond of the same carat weight side by side, to the naked eye, the oval diamond looks bigger because it covers more of the finger.

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Round Brilliant Cut or Oval Cut Diamonds?

Round brilliant diamonds and oval shaped diamonds were both instant classics right from the start. They provide a timeless look that is perennially popular. When choosing a diamond, it always comes back to your own preference.

However, if you are looking for something traditional and elegant you can’t go wrong with a round brilliant cut engagement ring. While if you are looking for a unique, classic and sophisticated engagement ring an oval diamond is a great choice.

Why Choose an Oval Shaped Engagement Ring?

An oval cut diamond is a very popular choice for an engagement ring, they have brilliant sparkle similar to a round brilliant cut diamond. They also enhance your ring finger whilst creating a more unique ring, that will stand out from the crowd. Oval cut diamonds are also less expensive than round diamonds, the price per carat savings can be anywhere from 10%–20%.

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A little History on Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval cut diamond was first introduced over 200 years ago. However, the modern oval-cut as we know it today was invented in the 1960’s by expert diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan. Before creating the popular modern oval-cut diamond shape, Kaplan rose to prominence in the diamond industry for his unique ability to split rough diamonds into smaller stones with a single blow. This process is known as “Diamond cleaving”.

With his uncanny cleaving method, Kaplan took stones previously labelled “unworthy” and turned them into beautiful diamond creations. This cut is intended to represent the longevity of your relationship, which might explain the popularity of oval cut diamond rings. 

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