Jewellery remodelling Sydney

At Waldemar Jewellers we also offer jewellery remodelling services in Sydney CBD.

You may have a piece of jewellery or a family heirloom you love but is outdated. Make it your own by redesigning it so you can wear it and enjoy it everyday. Jewellery remodelling executed here in Sydney, could be a good option for these pieces with high sentimental value

Please come into our office or give us a call for a free consultation to discuss the great piece you would like to create. Mark will gladly assist you with bringing your ideas into life through drawing, sketches and 3D version. That will enable you to visualise your new piece of jewellery. Once you are happy with the design and turning it into an unique personalised piece.

We have years of experiences in custom made jewellery and jewellery remodeling. We are sure that with your ideas and our jeweller creativity, we will find a design to give a new life to your old sentimental jewellery. Let’s convert it into an amazing piece that you will love to wear and enjoy everyday.

Redesign old jewellery, remodelling diamond rings, redesign engagement rings or remodelling gold jewellery are our main requests, we will be happy to help you finding the best design for your new piece of jewellery.

Please note that if many precious gemstones and metals can be redesign, some can’t be re-used. A free consutation with our jeweller will tell you what will be possible to do.

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