There are a wide range of sapphire colours to choose from to create your sapphire and diamond ring. With blue sapphires being the most popular and natural padparadscha sapphire the rarest. Waldemar Jewellers are experts in sourcing the highest quality natural sapphires for your custom sapphire ring with diamonds.

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Elegance meets brilliance in our Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring, featuring a captivating sapphire encircled by sparkling diamonds, creating a timeless and sophisticated piece.

sapphire halo
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Cherish eternal love with our Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring. A stunning design showcasing a vibrant sapphire flanked by diamonds, symbolising past, present, and future commitments.

sapphire three stone
blue sapphire marquise twisted band engagement ring

Adorn your hand with sophistication with a sapphire ring featuring a diamond accented band. A captivating sapphire steals the spotlight, complemented by diamonds along the band for timeless allure.

Diamond Band
Art Deco Padparadscha Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Indulge in timeless charm with our Vintage Style Sapphire and Diamond Ring. This exquisite design combines the allure of a sapphire with the brilliance of diamonds, creating enduring elegance.

Vintage Sapphire
Sapphire and Diamond Halo with Fleur de Lis Detailing white

Embrace sophistication with our Diamond Ring adorned with Sapphire Accents. A brilliant diamond takes center stage, elegantly complemented by the captivating allure of sapphire accents for timeless charm.

sapphire accent
Diamond Ring with Sapphire and Diamond Band

Cherish love with our Diamond Ring, Sapphires in the Band. A stunning diamond symbolizes eternal commitment, surrounded by sapphires for sentimental significance, creating a timeless and heartfelt design.

sapphire band
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At Waldemar Jewellers our expertise lies in crafting unique pieces tailored to your specific preferences. Whether you have a clear vision or seek guidance on trending styles or classic designs, we’re here for you. Our showroom, located within The Dymocks Building Jewellers in Sydney CBD, offers a complimentary one-on-one consultation. During this session, our Custom Sapphire and Diamond Rings Sydney specialists will walk you through various specifications, styles, and provide you with multiple sapphire options for you to see in person. Ensuring you have all the information needed to make your final, informed choice for your dream ring.

blue sapphire and diamond rings

Sapphire and diamond engagement rings beautifully harmonise the rich tones of sapphires with the brilliance of diamonds to create a striking contrast. The sapphire’s deep, lustrous hue, often associated with loyalty and wisdom, is accentuated by the surrounding diamonds, which not only add a touch of sparkle but also serve to emphasise the sapphire’s colour. This clever pairing of a sapphire ring with diamonds, elevates the overall aesthetic making the sapphire’s vibrant colour stand out with a captivating radiance. The result is a stunning combination of tradition and modernity, with diamonds enhancing the sapphire’s colour to create a unique and appealing sapphire and diamond ring. There are different ways to pair a sapphire ring with diamonds Sydney. A classic halo encircles the sapphire with diamonds, a three stone sapphire and diamond ring leaves the sapphire as the star but bounces light from the sides. Having diamonds in the band of your sapphire engagement ring is like having a classic solitaire ring with that added sparkle in the band. Incorporating diamonds into the design of your sapphire and diamond ring, it is easy to create a vintage or art deco sapphire ring style. And then you can use accents in the halo, band or hidden as a symbolic gesture.

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The 4 C’s of Coloured Sapphires

Cut: The gemstone’s beauty is optimised through precision cutting, considering colour zoning, pleochroism, and the gem’s lightness or darkness.

Colour: Assessing hue, tone, and saturation defines the quality of sapphire colour.

Clarity: Inclusions are common; if they compromise durability, the sapphire’s value may decrease.

Carat Weight & Size: Size and carat weight matter for sapphires due to their diverse densities.

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