Pink Argyle Certified Diamond Oval Brilliant , 3PP 0.48 Carats

From $259,650

This oval cut 0.48Ct Argyle Certified Pink Diamond is Argyle certified. A pink argyle certified diamond for custom made fine jewellery or investment purposes.

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Argyle Certification ID No.: 351453
GIA Certification: 2165859246
Shape and Cut: Oval Brilliant
Measurements: 6.52 x 4.16 x 2.53 mm
Weight:  1 Stones = 0.48 Ct
Colour: 3PP
Clarity: P1
Colour Grade: Fancy Intense Pink
Colour Origin: Natural
Colour Distribution: Even
Clarity Grade: I1
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Good
Fluorescence: Faint
Origin:  Argyle Mine, Australia
Date: 02 August 2016

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