Engagement Ring Designers in Sydney

Waldemar Jewellers have been producing quality jewellery for more than 20 years and are renowned for being crafted engagement ring designers located in Sydney CBD.

From engagement rings to wedding rings and fine jewellery, Mark and his team are experts when it comes to offering custom made jewellery.

Located in the heart of Sydney, Waldemar Jewellers has its office in the iconic Dymocks building, George Street in Sydney CDB.

Mark Poter is a Master Jeweller and an expert engagement ring designer who decided to settle in Sydney as a young and talented jeweller 20 years ago. Voted Best Jeweller in Sydney, Mark was trained on Saville Row by a Jeweller to the Crown in London, so high quality craftmanship is what he is known for.

Mark and his team are expert designer at creating custom rings and have acquired a strong reputation as passionate and honest jewellers. Mark’s commitment to providing the best service combined with his expertise and professionalism make him the obvious choice for clients when it comes to designing the perfect engagement ring.


Who is Waldemar Jewellers

Trained by the jeweller to the crown in England, Mark Porter, Waldemar Jewellers’ founder, was born and bred in England. He decided to come to Sydney, with his extensive knowledge as a prolific engagement ring designer, to design and create quality products for his clients, with an emphasis on customer service and personalised designs.

Mark and his team are masters when it comes to providing a fantastic experience to their clients. Their unique design skills and dedication to offering only the best, established Waldemar Jewellers as one of the most trusted jewellers in Sydney, with over a thousand custom jewellery created and as many happy clients.


When it comes to engagement rings, our team of designers are here to offer you the best design aligned with your personality and budget.

Passionate about their craft, Waldemar Jewellers’ team helps you to understand everything you need to know about the whole process of creating the perfect engagement ring. Mark’s use of 3D renderings allows his clients to see exactly what their ring will look like, in the tiniest details.

Our experience as a trusted engagement ring designer in Sydney

With more than 15 years of experience, Waldemar Jewellers has produced more than a thousand custom engagement rings, each of them specifically designed for a single purpose, to make this day memorable

Not only does Waldemar Jewellers take pride in providing quality products to our clients, but we also offer a lifetime warranty and remodelling options.

How we can help you: free design consultation

At Waldemar Jewellery, we offer a free engagement ring design consultation in our offices in Sydney CBD.

To book a consultation and discover the unique and crafted designs that we can offer you, fill the form below and we look forward to helping you design the perfect ring.

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The process to design an engagement ring

When you come to Waldemar Jewellers with a special request, we take the time needed to provide you with the right answer to your specific demand.

Here is how we proceed:

  • Before our consultation, we ask for details about your request and any particular idea that you already have in mind, regarding stones, bands, or design.
  • During our free consultation, we show you the different options available. We provide you with a quote based on your request and design together with a draft of what will be your unique jewellery.
  • Following your request, we adjust our design to your needs and budget
  • Our use of 3D renderings allows us to create the design that you wish to have with cutting edge precision, giving you the opportunity to see exactly what you can expect to receive.
  • We give you our final price, backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and remodeling options


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